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Services offered by Cyber Onsite Services

Desktop & Laptop Repair

I work on all types of computers, from file servers, desktops, laptops, to the smaller mobile devices. I can build a computer to fit your specific needs.

Virus & Malware Removal

Viruses and other malware can be just a nuisance or these can totally wreck your computer. Much of my work involves removing harmful items; but, even more importantly, I can also help you take steps to greatly reduce the threat of infection. If you are experiencing slow-downs or other annoyances, the cause may well be a virus or some sort of malware.

Proactive System Maintenance

Everything needs fine-tuning after a while, your car, pianos, even your computer! To ensure your computer runs smoothly, I will optimize your computer by cleaning up temporary system files, uninstalling unnecessary programs, remove adware/spyware and enable applications that are for everyday use. I will update your operating system and other programs, (java, flash, adobe, etc.) This will enhance the security, speed and performance of your computer. I will also make recommendations that will help you have a system that works best for you.

Computer & Software Training

See training page.

Data Backup & Recovery Solutions

Hard drives crash, they mechanically fail, and they get viruses. This is the reality in today's world of inexpensive consumer drives, and the chances of failure are too high to ignore. I can have your computer set to automatically backup your important data. I install software that runs at scheduled times to perform backups whenever you like. If you cannot access your drive to get the files you need, I can recover them for you. I offer many ways to retrieve your data.

Remote Computer Support

Remote support allows me to work on your computer in your home or business without me having to physically be there. This service makes it so you do not have to be without your computer. The system requires your permission before I can connect with your computer, so there are no worries that your computer is accessible to me without your knowledge.

Internet Security Solutions

Every computer needs to be properly secured from malicious activities that occur while using the internet. I can evaluate your equipment and make sure you have the proper security system installed to make your computers and networks secure.

Wired & Wireless Networking

I can help make your network run more efficiently for your home or business. If your network is running slow, give me a call. I can help with your wired and wireless networking needs. I can assist with wireless and wired routers, modems, switches, printing or any other networking issue.

Support For: Computers, Tablets, & Smart Phones

I can evaluate and assist with your computers, tablets and mobile phones so that all your important information will be shared between devices. When you add or make changes you will only have to do so once. This can make your busy life much easier.

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"If it's a computer, I can offer the services you'll need and want. My skills include working with both hardware and software. The services on this page are just a sample of what I do.

If you're not sure what your problem is or just need to explore options, give me a call!"